About Us

We are Shirley and Char, neighbours and long time residents of Tong Fuk.  Tong Fuk is a humble, tiny village which holds many charms, located along the southern coastline of the stunning Lantau Island in cosmopolitan Hong Kong. Tong Fuk has a population of fewer than one thousand.  Yet, over twenty nationalities from different cultures all over the world have chosen to call Tong Fuk their home. Why?  Not only has its village beach has been voted by CNN as one of the most beautiful in the region, and one of the longest spectacular hiking trails in Hong Kong is at the village’s doorsteps, the community vibe makes us never look back once we decide to put down roots in this enchanting village.

We are so grateful to be able to live in this paradise. Our commitment to the planet, people and lifestyle in harmony with nature is at our core. Every time we see some plastic trash being washed ashore from afar, it breaks our heart. It reminds us of our responsibilities to our planet that comes with the privilege to enjoy it. This same vision brought us together, and we conceived Tong Fuker as a concept.  We decided to combine our passion and belief in balancing the care for the natural environment with our expertise. Shirley built her career with luxury brands in the retail sector, while Char knew the manufacturing and production side of business like the back of her hand.

Our ultimate goal for Tong Fuker is to help lifestyle products made of recycled or sustainable materials become mainstream in our consumption.

We want to show our customers that we do not have to compromise functionality, style and comfort while being eco-friendly.

Another target is to make a social impact by creating ethical fashion and supporting the livelihood of less privileged communities involved in making our unique eco-friendly accessories.  The artisans we work with include those who live in remote parts of the world.  Mothers in East Java handcrafted our gorgeous beach bags from recycled plastics while families in rural Chiang Mai collected plants in their jungle and turned urban designs into our stunning, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces.

We also want to turn everyday, mundane items into something fun.

Kids will fall in love with brushing teeth using our engraved, personalised bamboo toothbrushes.  Our affordable “Different, Same Same” leakage-free menstrual underwear will help our ladies to move freely and live lives to the full, even on those inconvenient days.

Education is a significant part of our vision, too.  Our DIY jewellery craft kits made of elephant dung and plants (instead of plastics!) are our pioneer programme to make environmental education fun and applicable to our future generations.

Last but not least, what makes Tong Fuk a magical fairytale place is its people.  Therefore, we dedicate our Blog to its residents as well as their friends. Stay tuned for our blog posts!

Meanwhile, enjoy shopping with Tong Fuker!

Every purchase empowers artisans and their social communities and reduces plastic pollution while promoting ethical fashion.